B & B Seminars

Learning that can create a more balanced, serene, and satisfying relational life.


Quotes Bill and Brian know their stuff. I have heard their teaching on parenting and discipline on multiple occasions, and I get better as a parent every time. In addition, they were an indispensable benefit to our whole children?s ministry as trainers for our child safety policy. Quotes
Cory Hartman
Pastor, Frist Baptist Church, Hollidaysburg

Quotes I have known Bill and Brian for 9 years. They have helped me grow in my walk with Christ and I can always count on them to help me with any problems I have. Quotes
Matt Guerin

Quotes Brian Behe and Bill Krill are great guys. I've gone on a few retreats with them and I wish that I could still. I always had fun being around them and they always make the kids feel comfortable. Quotes

Quotes I've been fortunate to be a part of many retreats with Bill and Brian. Each time I am impressed by how well the lessons, games, group challenges and even free time all work together to provide a unique, purposeful experience. These retreats are never boring or formulaic and can be modified to meet whatever goal you wish. Quotes

Quotes I have worked in youth ministries at my church for 13 years, and have had the opportunity to witness Bill and Brian in action. Their presence on our ministry team has been a true gift! Teens have an innate ability to figure out when adults "get it", and when they are just going through the motions. Both of these men have that special blend of compassion, discernment and humor that impacts young people in a positive, life-changing way. Quotes
Youth ministry volunteer

Quotes I got to know Bill and Brian through the youth program at Hollidaysburg FUMC, which included weekly devotionals and activities as well as retreats every couple of months. Both Brian and Bill have valuable things to say and teach full of insight, depth, accessibility, and humor. FInally, the clear bond of friendship that the two share is contagious and comforting, making every second with them more enjoyable, relaxing, and meaningful. Quotes
Emmett Eldred

Quotes I've known Bill Krill for a long time (he's married to a cousin). I've read his books. He's the real deal - experienced, wise, compassionate, knowledgeable and effective. I can say without reservation that he's a counselor and teacher to be trusted... a gift to people in times of need. In fact, the next time I'm confused, bewildered or severely 'blue', I think I'm gonna either travel to him, or ask for his help by phone. Quotes
Christopher Taylor
Pastor, Townley Presbyterian Church, NJ

Quotes Bill, my husband and I have an appointment with you on Wednesday to work on repairing our marriage. We've both been on your website, getting to know you before we see you. I love your blog! So many times, while reading, I said to myself, "Yes! He understands!" My husband is not the counseling type, even his daughter is amazed that he has agreed to talking things out with a 3rd party. That's because I sent him your website address, he did research and agreed because he believes that you are the first counselor that made any sense! We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! Quotes

Quotes Loved your workshop in Toronto on the weekend. I hope you don't mind that I have posted a link to your webpage for our foster parents. We deal with PTSD frequently and appreciate all the information we can get. Quotes

Quotes Bill, I've just been pointed in the direction of your book, Gentling and found everything that I read very useful. After reading it I decided to read into you a little more and found your articles on 'The History Connection' and 'Triangulation Effects in Families', and found them both also to be of great use to me. Thank you for seeming to make sense of a lot of concerns for me. Quotes