B & B Seminars

Learning that can create a more balanced, serene, and satisfying relational life.

Brian and Bill

     Together, Brian and Bill have well over fifty years of experience in human services and ministry. They have worked together in children's mental health, and have been paid and adult volunteers for several organizations working with youth. Together, Brian and Bill have animated many retreats of different types. They have a unique and amusing working and team relationship that spans more than a decade.

     Brian Behe holds a Bachelor's degree from Penn State University in Sociology, and has extensive experience in work with children and youth in sports, mental health, and ministry settings. He is currently employed at Penn State University. Brian is married with Nickie, and they have two delightful young daughters, Olivia and Riley. 

     Bill Krill is a Licensed Professional Counselor, conducts couples therapy and divorce counseling in private practice, and spent two decades treating children with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of abuse. He is the author of several books on mental health treatment, youth ministry and spirituality. Bill's career has taken him back and forth between church and secular ministry. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling. He is married with Anne, and they have two fine adult sons, Andy and Tyler.

    Brian and Bill have recognized a serious gap in the community regarding relationship and behavioral health related education. Many people may not feel comfortable seeking out one-to-one counseling, but could benefit from and may be willing to attend a talk or presentation related to their own life issues.

   Because of their educational backgrounds, human service experiences, and tight team approach, as well as their passion for helping people in pain, Brian and Bill are uniquely qualified to transfer important skills to those in the community who are interested in moving towards wholeness and healing in their lives.